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Laser beauty instrument

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Laser beauty instrument

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Name: Wireless charging with LCD screen spotting pen
Battery: 800MAH 3.7V
Input current: 5V/1A
Output power: MAX5W
Material: ABS + steel needle
Product size: 175*28mm
Accessories: Fine needle *10
Thick needle *3
Needle sleeve *1
Instruction manual*1
Wireless charging base*1
USB data cable*1
Introduction to operation:

●Assemble the needle: Wash the needle and skin with alcohol, thicken the needle with a clockwise thick needle, insert the needle into the needle with a fine needle, and insert the needle into the hole clockwise.
●Open key: ON/OFF long press for 2 seconds to turn on, the display lights up to display battery power, and then press and hold (ON/OFF)
The button is turned off for 2 seconds. In the power-on state, there is no operation, and it will automatically shut down after 10 minutes.
● Shift switch button: After turning on the power, press the (ON/OFF) button once, the gear position is switched once, and the ON/OFF button is pressed continuously to switch from 1st to 6th, which is represented by the number Gear position.
● Illumination spotlight button: After power on, double-click (ON/OFF) button to turn on the spotlight, double-click (ON/OFF) button again to turn off the spotlight.
● Discharge: After selecting the gear position, you must press and hold the (OUT) button to discharge, and the work indicator lights up. The release button does not discharge and is in the standby state. After 2 minutes of pressing, it will automatically be in standby state.
● Charging:
1. Use the 5V/1A adapter (the adapter needs to be purchased by the customer), connect the charging cable to the adapter and the wireless charging dock.
2. Place the point pen on the wireless charging base. At this time, the work indicator of the pen is flashing green.
3. After the full work indicator light is steady green (charging time is about 8 hours)
Can not be charged during work, do not overcharge or run out of electricity to charge, otherwise it will affect battery life


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Inventory Last Updated: Aug 08, 2020

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